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The BIG ROCK is a four hour syndicated rock radio show hosted by Johnny J. The show primarily focuses on the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We also throw in a little 60’s and some new songs from our core artists. The BIG ROCK music library consists of Foreigner, The Ramones, Def Leppard, The Who, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Fleetwood Mac, The Go Go’s, Iron Maiden, Sheryl Crow and so much more. On top of that we play artists not normally heard on the radio anymore like Tin Machine, Orion The Hunter, New England and RTZ. We even play lesser known rockin' artists including Friction, Toronto & The Ravyns. Additionally we also feature the more rocking songs by artists that may not normally fit this genre such as Tina Turner, Shaun Cassidy, Janet Jackson, Cher and Michael Bolton.

On The BIG ROCK It's all rock & roll - mainstream, hard, progressive, punk, southern, glam, heartland, metal or alternative. The British Invasion, Hollywood Strip, Grunge Movement, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Power just doesn't matter...if it rocks...we are playing it.   

The BIG ROCK has a music library that consists of over 7000 songs by more than 500 different artists and bands. New songs are added to The BIG ROCK music library on a regular basis. Our library includes specialty and seasonal songs.




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Don Dokken Interview - Aug 2020

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Johnny J has been the host of The BIG ROCK since its beginning in 2016. 

A true fan of real rock music. He began recording songs off the radio at a young age. Since the purchase of his first cassette, Billy Joel's "Glass Houses", he has collected thousands of records, cassettes, CD's & mp3's over the years.

Born, raised and lives in Erie, Pennsylvania. Johnny is married, has three kids and two dogs. He is a huge hockey and baseball fan. You used to find him bothering his family & neighbors with his guitar or drums. Now you will probably find him on any of the local lakes or ponds fishing or just relaxing on his boat! 

Johnny has been a DJ on WFSN and WWUC.

Favorite band:   Night Ranger

Least favorite band: Nirvana

Favorite songs:  Boston's "Foreplay/Longtime",                                   Whitesnake's "Still of the Night" 
                     anything by Night Ranger! (of course)

First  concert:     Quiet Riot (84)  
Band most seen live:   Def Leppard seven times

Most memorable concerts:   Triumph ('86), David Lee Roth ('88) and Night Ranger ('19) 

Bucket list concerts:   ACDC, Rick Springfield and Sammy Hagar (or Van Hagar)

Johnny is not all rock though, as he is also a fan of 90s & early 2000s country music with Little Texas, Montgomery Gentry, Toby Keith and Garth Brooks topping his country favorites list.

The Big



And NO, although it may look like it,
I am NOT stoned!!!


The Big



K-Mix | Union City/Erie, PA | Sat 7pm

WXDR 99.1 | New Orleans, LA | Mon 4pm

KSGV 95.5 | Seagoville/Dallas, TX | Sat 1pm

KCIW 100.7 | Brookings-Harbor, OR | Thu 1am + 4days

WDRO 101.3 | Monticello, MS | Tue 7pm

WQNH 94.7 | Deerfield, NH | Sat 5pm

WFFR 100.9 | Muskegon, MI | Sat 4pm

WQEE 99.1 | Newnan, GA | Sat & Sun 12pm

WWSX 99.1| Rehoboth, DE | Fri 8pm

WXHR 103.5 | Hillman, MI | Mon 8pm & Fri10pm

Radio DHT | Canada / Poland | Tue 8pm

WQMR 101.3 | Rocky Mount, VA | Fri 6pm 

North East Phil Comm Radio | Philadelphia, PA | Wed & Sat 6pm

KVWO 94.7 | Welch, OK | Sat 10pm    

KKRN 88.5 | Round Mountain, CA | Thu 10:30pm

Hall of Fame Music Radio * | Boston, MA | Sun 12am

WLDJ 107.5 | New Castle, PA | Sun 12am

Middle Georgia Radio * | Georgia | Sun 7pm              

WMNB 107.1 | North Adams, MA | Fri 9pm

Brumside Radio | Birmingham, England | Fri 8pm

CRFM 100.7 | Little Current, ON | Fri 8pm

Radio Lichfield | Lichfield, England | Sun 8pm

Seabird Radio | United Kingdom | Thu 9pm

3APL (Apple 98.5) | Bacchus Marsh, Victoria | Wed 6am & Sat12p

KPOV 88.9 | Bend, OR | Thu 12am

ROXX 100 | Detroit, MI | Mon, Wed & Fri 8am

FUSE FM 107.5 | Ballymoney, Northern Ireland | Mon 5pm

WHWR Internet Radio | S. Central Kentucky | Fri 8am

Project: Radio | UK | Fri 2pm

Rock 93X | Georgia, USA | Sun 8pm

Radio Rewind | United Kingdom | Wed 6pm

KSVB 94.1 | Big Bear Lake, CA | Sun 1pm

ACJ Radio | United Kingdom | Fri 7pm

CKIQ 99.9 |  Iqaluit, NU | Sat 12pm

Radio Vegas.Rocks | Las Vegas, NV | Sun 8pm

Hawkesbury Gold 89.9 | Hawkesbury, New South Wales | TBA

Hot FM 88.0 | Australia | TBA 

KRIM  96.3 | Payson, AZ | Sat 5pm

Variety Digital Radio | Australia | Thu 1pm

SESCOT Radio | Scotland |  Mon 8pm & Fri 9pm

KPIK 96.5 | Stayton, OR | Fri 10pm

Radio Wizz | Philippines | Sat 1pm

QCCR (CJQC) 99.3 |  Liverpool, Nova Scotia | Sun 3pm  

KFTN 92.7 | Fenton, MO | TBA

KBOG 97.9 | Bandon, OR | Wed 6pm

WMNH 95.3 | Manchester, NH | 

West Coast Radio 87.6 & 87.9 | Auckland, NZ | Thu 1pm

All times are local station time in their time zone


We would like to thank each of our affiliates for airing The Big Rock.  We are proud to be on these stations and keeping the music alive for these communities, on air and online.


The staff and management of
The Big Rock encourages you to tune in and support these stations.

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